Jeremy Lasman offers life-changing services and long term transformational experiences.


Discovery Session

Free / By invitation only.

Are you interested to experience Jeremy's rare and deep soul activating passion for a month or more? Working with Jeremy offers a unique experience of growth like nothing else on the planet as he facilitates your precise frequency upgrade into your next level dream life. Learn to live like a Master of Reality with custom programs designed for your level of investment.


Diagnostic Session

$200 / 30 minutes

Imagination Technology is the system that routes your energy from non-physical to physical reality. How is your Imagination Technology running right now? Are you experiencing bugs in the form of problems? Blocks in the form of struggles? Is your business not running as smooth as you'd like? I'll show you exactly what's keeping you from full performance. (Includes One Week of Messenger Support)


Blank slate session

$450 / 90 minutes

Do you want to experience the zero point field from a brand new perspective? This is for anyone that feels buried by the complexity of their life or business. Vision the Blank Slate of your infinite potential and imagine from the freshness of a renewed life. Leave with a game plan and valuable insights to make it so Captain. (Includes One Week of Messenger Support)